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How to put the leather thong on your spectacles
The easy way
New web site special offer on these spectacles
American Civil War or Steam Punk
How to measure your (PD) pupil distance. If your
optician refuses to give it you.
Please feel free to post a message on my Facebook page, and even put a photo of you, a friend or family member wearing a pair of Period Glasses.  If you would like to ask any questions regarding Period Glasses either private message me, or for more general questions post it on the wall for all to see.  But most of all add photos, from Theatre, Museums, reenactors, Movies, TV, and many more.
YouTube, I’ve not made to many videos, but hopefully I will be adding a lot more very soon, but please do take a look at what is there.
We are adding photos all the time to Flickr, so please subscribe to my photo stream, The photos will give you a good idea of some of the different periods of spectacles I do, and how they look with the appropriate costume on. 
If you need to make a quick payment for goods or service to Periods Glasses, the link as no set amount, so you can pay, the agreed price for the item or service you may have agreed with Trevor.
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